Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced Analytics i54 Release Notes

What's New

Exabeam Hardening for CSRF and CORS

Security enhancements have been added to Advanced Analytics i53.6 and i54.5: If you have i52 or earlier, we recommend either manually completing the hardening steps given in Exabeam Operational Hardening or upgrade to Advanced Analytics i53.6 or later.Exabeam Operational Hardening

The Exabeam Security Management Platform (SMP) has additional security configurations that can be enabled for stricter controls and data protection. Exabeam has enabled protections to specific releases against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) by default.

This improves the default security of the environment for all Exabeam services. These protections may affect API calls to the Exabeam SMP. Please follow instructions given in Exabeam Operational Hardening if you have affected scripts.Exabeam Operational Hardening

For Exabeam SaaS deployments that use Exabeam Advanced Analytics as your Exabeam Cloud Connector identity provider (IdP). Exabeam will automatically update your Cloud Connector to v.2.5.86 or later to ensure compatibility with the security configuration.

No manual configuration is needed for deployments with the following versions or later:

  • Exabeam Advanced Analytics i53.6

  • Exabeam Data Lake i34.6

For more information, please see Exabeam Operational Hardening.Exabeam Operational Hardening

Get Notified When a Parser is Disabled

To keep your system running smoothly and processing data in real time, Advanced Analytics detects slow, inefficient parsers, then disables it. You should be informed about this important system information when it happens.

From Advanced Analytics i54, a system health alert notifies you when Advanced Analytics disables a parser. The alert describes which parsers are currently disabled, on which node, and recommended actions you can take.

You can still find a list of all disabled parsers in the System Health page, under the System Optimization tab.

Exabeam Documentation: System Health Alerts for Disabled ParsersSystem Health Alerts for Disabled Parsers

Exabeam Documentation: Disabled ParsersDisabled Parsers

An Easier Way to Get New Content

Wave goodbye to command line. You can upload and install new content directly in Advanced Analytics .

With Exabeam's new cloud service, you don't need to use Exabeam Content Installer or manually restart internal engines. In Advanced Analytics Content Update settings, you can retrieve the latest available content packages, both general Exabeam releases and custom fixes you request, from the cloud in real time. Just hit install, and you're done. You can even automatically check for new updated content and install them on a daily or weekly basis. If you have an environment that can't access the internet, you can't connect to the cloud to get the latest updates, but you can still find the latest content packages on the Exabeam Community and upload the ZIP files to Advanced Analytics .

You can only upload and install custom content packages that contain parsers and event builders.

Exabeam Documentation: Upload a Content Package Upload a Content Package

Exabeam Documentation: Manually Install a Content Package Manually Install a Content Package

Exabeam Documentation: Automatically Install Content Packages Automatically Install Content Packages

Administrative Settings Get Dark Mode

We're plugging the holes in your Dark Mode experience.

When Dark Mode was introduced in version i52, it was unavailable for most administrative tasks, including the Metrics and System Health pages, and most settings. Now, Dark Mode is available for these other pages, except the Metrics page. The Metrics page is still unavailable in Dark Mode.

Support for Generic SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

You can now authenticate into Advanced Analytics using Microsoft Azure Federation Services (ADFS) or generic identity providers through SAML 2.0.

Learn more about Exabeam APIs on the Exabeam Community.

Enable your preferred SSO method with APIs in Advanced Analytics settings.Configuring Single Sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication

Exabeam Documentation: Configuring Single Sign-on and Multi-factor AuthenticationConfiguring Single Sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication