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Configure a Proxy

If your environment has a proxy configured, you must configure a proxy for Case Manager and Incident Responder. Some Case Manager and Incident Responder features use your proxy to function correctly, including services, email ingest and incident email.Configure a Service

  1. In the navigation bar, click the menu The menu icon in the navigation bar; three white lines on a green background., select Settings, then select Core.

  2. Under SERVICE INTEGRATIONS, select Proxy.

  3. To enable the proxy you're configuring, click the Enable Proxy toggle.

  4. Enter information about your proxy connection:

    • Hostname/server – Enter the name of the host or server for the proxy server.

    • Protocol – Enter the protocol the proxy server uses: HTTP or SOCKS.

    • Port – Enter the port number for the proxy server.

    • (Optional) Username – If the proxy is protected by a password, enter your proxy account username.

    • (Optional) Password – If the proxy is protected by a password, enter your proxy account password.

    • (Optional) Whitelist – whitelist host names and/or domains, like wildcards (for example, 192.168.*) or IP ranges (for example, The Incident Responder docker is already whitelisted by default.

  5. To validate the connection to your proxy, enter a URL, then select TEST CONNECTIVITY. If you see an error, verify the information you entered then retest the connection.

  6. Click SAVE.