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Case Manager

Organize, track, and streamline your investigation with Case Manager.

Exabeam Case Manager is a customizable case management solution with ticketing, messaging, and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards. It organizes and tracks investigations so you are more efficient and productive.

If you're an analyst, Case Manager helps you streamline your workflow and close out more cases. Case Manager is directly embedded in both Advanced Analytics and Incident Responder, so you quickly pivot between detecting and responding to threats. Case Manager also enriches cases with risk scores and reasons, so you know which incidents to prioritize and allocate the appropriate resources.

If you're a SOC manager, you use Case Manager to standardize analysts' response and quickly track progress using tasksExabeam Tasks. You also view important KPIs like cost savings, mean time to resolve, and mean dwell time, to measure how productive your SOC is.

Case Manager extends Advanced Analytics and requires a separate license. You can also add Incident Responder to Case Manager with a separate license. To learn more, contact your technical account manager or watch product videos on the Exabeam Community.Incident Responder