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Prerequisites for Configuring Microsoft Exchange Online with OAuth2.0 Authentication

If your Microsoft Exchange Online account uses OAuth2.0 modern authentication, ensure that you complete certain tasks before you configure email ingest and incident email.Incident Emails

To integrate Exabeam with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, register an application on the Microsoft identity platform. Since you can't use the same email account for email ingest and incident email, you must create a separate application for each account. Under Supported account types, ensure that you select Accounts in this organizational directory only.

  • Save the client ID for the application you created. You use this client ID later.

  • Add a client secret and save it. You use this client secret later.

  • Configure specific Microsoft Graph permissions for your application:

    • Mail.Read

    • Mail.Send

    • Mail.ReadWrite

  • Configure the Office 365 Exchange Online full_access_as_app permission for your application.

    Follow the same steps to configure Microsoft Graph permissions, but instead of selecting Microsoft Graft, click the APIs my organization uses tab, select Application permissions, then select Office 365 Exchange Online. Select the full_access_as_app permission, then click Add permissions.

  • Grant administration consent to the permissions you configured for your application.