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Case Manager on the Home Page

On the home page, get a snapshot of the most pressing and important Case Manager incidents.

The Home page alerts you to incidents, users, or entities you might want to investigate and organizes them into watchlists:

My Incidents – View new and active incidents you're assigned to.

Notable Users – View risky, increasingly suspicious users that have become threats.

Incidents In My Queues – Manage incidents your queue is assigned to.

My Incidents Watchlist

On the HOME page, the My Incidents watchlist displays your new and active incidents. Sort the incidents, navigate to their profiles or timelines, or view their details.

The My Incidents watchlist displays new and active incidents you're assigned to.

To sort incidents by the date it was created, priority, or status, click the Sort By menu.

To view the details of an incident, click the incident's name.

Incidents In My Queues Watchlist

On the HOME page, the Incidents In My Queues watchlist displays incidents assigned to a queue you're in. Sort the incidents, reassign the incidents, or view their details.

Use the Incidents In My Queues watchlist to manage incidents assigned to queues you're in.

To sort incidents by date created, priority or status, click the Sort By menu.

To reassign an incident to an assignee or queue, click the name of the queue, edit the Queue and Assignee fields, then click SAVE.

To view further details about an incident, click its name.

Notable Users Watchlist

On the HOME page, the Notable Users watchlist displays increasingly risky users that are potential threats.

If a user is involved in increasingly risky activities, they become a threat. Advanced Analytics marks them as a "notable user" once they cross a configured risk threshold. The default risk threshold is a risk score greater than or equal to 90 points. To modify this threshold, contact customer success.

When a user becomes notable, Case Manager creates an incident and they are listed in the Notable Users watchlist.

If a user is associated with any open incidents, you see a folder aa-home-notableusers-foldericon.png and the number of open incidents. Click the folder to view the incidents and the priority, status, and assignee for each. To go to a specific incident, select the incident's name.

To filter notable users by when they became notable, select the time filter. When you select the folder aa-home-notableusers-foldericon.png for these filtered users, you see just the open incidents that were created within that time frame.

The Notable Users watchlist with the menu to sort by date highlighted with a red circle.

To view all incidents in Case Manager, select the folder aa-home-notableusers-foldericon.png, then click View all incidents.