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The Incidents Page

View, create, manage, and find incidents in the Incidents page.

In the navigation bar, select INCIDENTS.

The Incidents page lists all the incidents you have access to. After you view which incidents might be threats on the HOME page, you navigate to the Incidents page to begin investigating and gathering further information.

The Incidents page; there are a list of incidents, filters on the left, a sort by menu, and a blue button to manually add new incidents.

Use filtersFilter Incidents to find incidents that match frequently used criteria, or adjust each filter input. To further narrow the list of incidents, you can also sort them or search for a keywordSearch for an Incident.Filter IncidentsSort IncidentsSearch for an Incident

To view the details of an incident, select an incident from the list.

You can manually createManually Create an Incident a new incident, and also reassign incidents to new queues, assignees, status, and priorities.Manually Create an IncidentAssign an Incident to a Queue, Assignee, Priority, or Status