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What's New

A New Way to Export Incidents

We upgraded the process to export your incidents so it's more flexible and customizable.

Previously, you used filters to export a list of incidents to a CSV file to create reports or backup your data. You couldn't export entities, artifacts, or case notes.

To save time, you can now create templates with the fields you export most often. For example, if you create a report every week that typically contains the same fields, create a template so you export only the information you need in a few clicks.

Although you still can't export entities and artifacts, you can export the 10 most recent case notes.

Exabeam Documentation: Create a Template for Exporting IncidentsCreate a Template for Exporting Incidents

Exabeam Documentation: Export a List of Incidents to CSVExport a List of Incidents to CSV

Support for Microsoft Exchange Online Modern Authentication

On September 20, 2020, Microsoft announced that they are deprecating basic authentication for Microsoft Exchange Online. We still support your Microsoft Exchange Online account if it uses basic authentication, but have added additional email ingest and incident email settings to support accounts that use modern authentication based on OAuth2.0.Email IngestIncident Emails

Modern authentication is a more secure and reliable way to access data that guards your credentials against potential attackers.

If your account uses modern authentication, you must reconfigure email ingest and incident email and enter additional information when you upgrade to Case Manager i55. Before you reconfigure these settings, ensure that you complete certain prerequisites.

Exabeam Documentation: Configure Email IngestConfigure Email Ingest

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Exabeam Documentation: Prerequisites for Configuring Microsoft Exchange Online with OAuth2.0 AuthenticationPrerequisites for Configuring Microsoft Exchange Online with OAuth2.0 Authentication