Case ManagerExabeam Case Manager i56 Release Notes

What's New

Customize Your Case Manager Email Notifications

Use templates to customize email notifications about important Case Manager activity.

Previously, you couldn't customize the email notifications you received from Case Manager.

Now, you can create email notifications directly in Case Manager settings, and customize them using templates for each scenario you want to be notified about.

Exabeam Documentation: Create a Case Manager Email NotificationCreate a Case Manager Email Notification

Exabeam Documentation: Create a Template for Case Manager Email NotificationsCreate a Template for Case Manager Email Notifications

View Only the Latest Playbook and Action Outputs

Clean up your incident's workbench and clear existing playbook and action outputs

When you ran an action or playbook on a specific incident, the outputs accumulated in the incident's workbench, which cluttered the workbench with your entire history. It was difficult to identify the outputs of the latest playbook you just ran.

Now, you can clear all past playbook and action outputs in the workbench and the incident itself so it displays only the latest ones. In the incident's activity log, view who cleared the outputs and when.

Exabeam Documentation: Clear an Incident's Playbook and Action OutputsClear an Incident's Playbook and Action Outputs