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Case Manager Release Notes

These release notes are only available for Exabeam cloud-delivered offerings. Please contact Exabeam Sales or your account executive for additional information.

What's New

What's New in i62

Role-Based Incident Access Restriction

Extend role-based access control to incidents.

In an incident's Restrict To settings, you can select specific roles so only people with those roles can access the incident. You can select out-of-the-box roles or custom roles you created.

An incident's Restrict To field showing drop down options for the admin, Administrator, Tier 3 Analyst, Tier 1 Analyst, Auditor, and Data Privacy Officer roles.

Exabeam Documentation: Manually Create an Incident

Exabeam Documentation: Edit an Incident

What's New in i61

Incident Visibility for SOC Managers

With a new permission, SOC managers can view all Case Manager incidents.

Anybody with View Restricted Incidents permissions can bypass an incident's Restrict to settings and view all incidents. This permission helps SOC managers respond to audit and compliance requests.

The Administrator, Auditor, and Data Privacy Officer out-of-the-box roles have View Restricted Incidents permissions. You can add this permission to your own custom roles.

Exabeam Documentation: Supported PermissionsSupported Permissions

Exabeam Documentation: Out-of-the-Box RolesOut-of-the-Box Roles

Microsoft OAuth2.0 Code Grant Change

To better secure data from email ingest and incident email, Microsoft Exchange Online uses OAuth2.0 authentication with the authorization code flow grant.

Instead of relying on a single client ID and client secret, the authorization code grant gives only certain accounts access to your Microsoft Azure Activity Directory application. Every time you configure email ingest or incident email, you must log in to an authorized account.

After you upgrade to Case Manager i61, ensure that you complete new prerequisites for configuring Microsoft Exchange Online with OAuth2.0 authentication, including restricting your application to the emails you use for email ingest and incident email, adding new permissions, and adding redirect URIs. You must also reconfigure email ingest and incident email.

Exabeam Documentation: Prerequisites for Configuring Microsoft Exchange Online with OAuth2.0 Authentication

Exabeam Documentation: Configure Email Ingest

Exabeam Documentation: Configure Incident Email Communication

Multiple Value Selection for Phishing Incident Fields

Select multiple values for certain incident fields under the Phishing incident type so your Case Manager incident better reflects your investigation.

By default, you can enter multiple values for the Attachment Name, CC, Recipient (To), and Sender (From) incident fields so they more accurately represent your investigation's evidence. For example, if an email has multiple recipients, you can enter multiple values for the Recipient incident field.

The Phishing incident type Recipient (To) incident field with and added, and entered in the text box.

What's New in i60

Task and Incident Fields Completion Enforcement for Thorough Investigations

Ensure your team completes all tasks and collects all necessary evidence for an incident.

To ensure your team completes all tasks, you can no longer close an incident if any required tasks are open or required incident fields are empty. If you close an incident that has open required tasks or empty required incident fields, you receive an error.

Task Assignee Restriction

Restrict access to sensitive information in incidents and prevent tasks from being assigned to unauthorized team members.

You can no longer assign tasks to people restricted from accessing an incident. Open tasks previously assigned to people restricted from an incident are re-assigned to Unassigned.

Restricted Editing for Closed Incidents

If an incident's status is Closed, you can't edit the incident. If you try to edit the incident, you receive an error.

To edit a closed incident, change the incident to another status, like Open, In Progress, Pending, or Resolved.

Exabeam Documentation: Edit an Incident

What's New in i59

Apache Log4j Security Patch


We updated the release notes to include information about a security patch to the Exabeam platform.

A critical vulnerability in software using Apache Log4j affected Elasticsearch in Case Manager. This vulnerability has been patched. Learn more about Exabeam's response to the vulnerability on the Exabeam Community.

Generic Incident Type Customization

Get more control over what information is displayed in every incident.

To ensure certain information is added to every incident, add custom incident fields to the Generic incident type. You an also customize the Generic incident type's layout to rearrange how the incident fields are displayed in the incident. You can't remove the default incident fields that come with the incident type.

Exabeam Documentation: Generic Incident Type

What's New in i58

Out-of-the-Box Incident Types for Exabeam Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR) Use Case Packages

Make your investigations more consistent and complete with new out-of-the-box incident types aligned with TDIR Use Case Packages: Compromised Insiders, Malicious Insiders, and External Threats.

Now, you can use an expanded collection of out-of-the-box incident types. These incident types ensure that you collect the appropriate evidence and define clear response plans for every use case.

Most incident types come with specific incident fields and tasks. You can edit the incident fields and tasks, rearrange them, or create custom incident fields and tasks for any out-of-the-box incident types to better suit your needs.

Exabeam Documentation: Out-of-the-Box Incident Types for Compromised Insiders Use Cases

Exabeam Documentation: Out-of-the-Box Incident Types for Malicious Insiders Use Cases

Exabeam Documentation: Out-of-the-Box Incident Types for External Threats Use Cases

What's New in i57

This release does not include new features for Case Manager.

Known Issues

This release does not include known issues for Case Manager.