Data LakeExabeam Data Lake Collector Guide

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Debug an Exabeam Data Lake Log Collector Agent

In order to minimize manual debugging on agent collectors, a debug tool can be run that will gather the necessary information for Exabeam's Customer Success team.

The script will produce a compressed file which contains the collector running status and the installation folder. This file can be sent to Exabeam Customer Success.

The command for running the tool on Windows:

cd tools
.\cmdbeat.exe diagnosis -installationPath "C:\Program Files" -outputPath C:\Exabeam

The command for running the tool on Linux:

Exabeam_Collector_Manager/tools/cmdbeat diagnosis -installationPath [installation_dir] -outputPath [output_dir]

Help Menu

Usage of diagnosis:
-installationPath string
    installation path for exabeam collectors
-outputPath string
    path for output the diagnosis result

In addition, if it is not apparent the agent collect is the root cause, review the following:

  • Confirm that the Database collector server is running

    systemctl status exabeam-lms-dblog

  • Check Database collector logs for error events

    journalctl -eu exabeam-lms-dblog

  • Check for error events in Kafka

    docker exec -it kafka-host1 bash

    cd /opt/kafka/bin

    ./ --zookeeper zookeeper-host1:2181 --topic lms.kafka.topic