Data LakeExabeam Data Lake Release Notes

New Features

Filtered Searches

Filtered searches lets you gather smaller batches of data so you can run queries more rapidly. You can run focus data using context tables within a time range to reduce query footprint. You can output audience-targeted reports to specific lists of recipients. Smaller data batches will give greater granularity to your dashboards and reports. For more information , see Filtered Searches.Filtered Searches

Multi-line Search Bar

Some queries are particularly complex and long. Viewing the entire query is no longer limited to the width of the viewable field. The Search bar in Exabeam Data Lake will now expands and wraps query strings that extend beyond the width of the field.

multiline search bar

Last Know Good Ingestion Configuration Automatic Reversion

Data Lake will automatically revert erroneous configurations to guard against errors introduced by added or modified custom parsers.

Query Circuit Breakers

To protect Data Lake performance, Exabeam has implemented circuit breakers to quash excessively heavy queries. For example, a query that returns billions of results does not reflect a useful search. Circuit breakers would be tripped to cancel such a query to avoid it from consuming Data Lake resources.