Data LakeExabeam Data Lake Release Notes

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Known Issues in Data Lake SMP 2020.3 DL-i35 GA


Exabeam Data Lake collector beats upgrades follow strict compatibility. If you're upgrading your agent collectors (beats), navigate to Settings > Collector Management > Upgrade > Choose a New Version menu and then select beats version 2.0.4 only.


Site collector upgrading is not supported. The site collector Data Forwarder cannot be upgraded to any version.

Known Issues in Data Lake SMP 2020.3 DL-i35.7 Patch Release


The Exabeam UI does not display when the browser is configured to the language "French (France)". To restore visibility of the Exabeam UI, set your browser language to English.


Some exported columns fields do not match those selected and not in proper the order as selected.