Data LakeParser Troubleshooting Guide

Table of Contents

Parser Troubleshooting

Exabeam provides out-of-the-box parsers to address the wide variety of log sources. In addition, environments can also have custom parsers to suit their specific needs.

Under certain scenarios, parsers could be inefficient or take too long to parse specific log events or sources. This could in turn impact the overall system performance. In order to keep the system stable and prevent any system wide issues, Exabeam has implemented automatic parser disabling. This can prevent performance degradation by taking the slow parsers out of service.

Slow parsers can impact the volume of log ingestion thereby causing a deteriorating ripple effect within the rest of the system. This can result in the slowing down of the entire data pipeline from ingestion to analytics. Therefore, disabling such parsers is necessary in order to maintain reliable data ingestion.

Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Data Lake both utilize parsers but manage them differently. The following troubleshooting guides will help to detect and fix slow parsers. Please refer to the product you are troubleshooting for more information: