Data LakeExabeam Data Lake Release Notes

Table of Contents

Issues Fixed in Data Lake i36.7


Syslog port 515 allowed TLSv1.0 instead of only TLSv1.2+. The TLSv1.0 protocol is outdated and less secure than TLSv1.2+.


After installing an SXB default package from Content over Cloud, the previously installed default package disappeared. Without the previous package, the customer could not roll back to it if needed.


Table fields were not properly exported to CSV files. Fields in the CSV file did not always match the fields in the source table, and they were often displayed in a different order.


When trying to export logs related to the cef-carbonblack-network-connection-successful-2 parser, users encountered the following error: Export CSV: Error 500 : undefined.


The backslash (\) escape character was not always recognized in correlation rules.