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Customize an Out-of-the-Box Service Using Action Editor

If an out-of-the-box service doesn't do what you need it to, clone the service so you can tweak and tailor it to your needs, without creating a service from scratch. You can only clone a service once.

Consider customizing an out-of-the-box service to modify an action's input or output fields to better suit your needs or add more actions to an existing service.

  1. Select the service.

  2. Click the clone Two grey, overlapping squares. icon.

  3. Click Clone. Another service of the same name appears with a Custom label. All related configuration documents and actions are also cloned.

    When you upload this service to Incident Responder, all related actions and playbooks will start using this custom service instead of the out-of-the-box service. To upload the service, you must have version i53 or above.Upload a Custom Service