Exabeam Cloud PlatformAction Editor

Table of Contents

Create a Custom Service Using Action Editor

To quickly get started with a service Incident Responder doesn't currently support or to build a unique service specific to your needs, create your own service from scratch.

  1. Click + Add a Service.

  2. Enter basic information about the service:

    • Service name – Enter a name that helps you quickly and easily identify the service; for example, Microsoft Outlook. It appears when you configure an action node in a playbook and select a service.

    • Product name – Enter the product name; for example, Office 365. It appears in the service settings.

    • Description – Describe the service, what it does, and what it's used for.

  3. A connection parameter field defines information you enter to connect to the service; for example, username, password, domain, or TCP port. These fields appear when you add a service in Incident Responder service settings. To create a connection parameter field, click + Add a field, then enter information about the field:

    • Name – Enter a name for the field.

    • Display name – Enter the name for the field that is displayed in Incident Responder.

    • Description – Describe the field.

    • Data type – Select URL, string, password, long, boolean, large text, or picklist.

      If you select picklist, add the possible list values you select from: click the pencil ecp-alerttriage-editchannel.png, click +Add picklist option, type the name of the list value, then press the enter or return key.

    If the field is required, select the Required checkbox.

  4. Click Save.

    Action Editor automatically creates three empty documents for the service: __init__.py, connector.py, and requirements.txt. Populate them directly in the service or when you create a custom action.