Exabeam Cloud PlatformAction Editor

Table of Contents

Edit a Custom Action in Action Editor

Rename, change inputs and outputs, customize the workbench, or modify any configuration files for a custom action you created.

  1. Select the custom service, hover over the custom action, then click the More A grey vertical ellipsis. menu.

  2. Select Edit Action.

  3. Edit the action name, type, or description; change inputs or outputs; customize the workbench; or modify the action module or service configuration documents.

    Since the action name is used throughout the action's back end, if you edit the action name, you lose everything you previously configured and must reconfigure the action from scratch. You must also update the action class __init__.py refers to.

  4. Click Finish.

  5. To download the service, select the download A grey download symbol. icon, then download the ZIP file.

  6. In Incident Responder, upload the custom service. You must have version i53 or later.Upload a Custom Service