Exabeam Cloud PlatformAuto Parser Generator

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Exabeam Auto Parser Generator

Create your own parsers simply and quickly using the Auto Parser Generator on Exabeam Cloud Platform.

Auto Parser Generator is an application available for free on Exabeam Cloud Platform. It guides you through the process to create custom parsers for Advanced Analytics that aren't available out-of-the-box. Currently, you can only create custom parsers for Advanced Analytics.

You might consider creating your own parsers to modify an existing parser to your needs, to ingest logs from an unsupported vendor or your own custom application, or if a vendor changes their log format.

Auto Parser Generator streamlines the process to create a parser. You upload sample logs; then, Auto Parser Generator analyzes the logs and matches them to existing parsers. You determine which subset of the logs for which to create a parser, add conditions to help the parser identify which logs to parse, associate the logs to a vendor and event type, and indicate which fields in the log the parser extracts. After you name and add other general details about the parser, you're ready to install it onto your system.

Auto Parser Generator supports the latest versions of Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox and Safari.