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About Exabeam Cloud Archive

Exabeam Cloud Archive is a cloud-based log storage service that offers long-term data retention along with search capabilities. Similar to Exabeam Data Lake , Cloud Archive give you access to your logs in a clear and consumable manner. With the reliability of the Exabeam Cloud Platform backbone, Cloud Archive excels in providing an affordable storage cost while preserving search capabilities.

You can use Cloud Archive to search for log events captured months or years ago, and to scan for new indicators such as IP addresses or domain names over extended periods of time. In addition, Cloud Archive makes it easier for your organization to meet multi-year log retention requirements imposed by regulations such as PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPPA.

The Cloud Archive service is automatically provisioned as part of your Exabeam SaaS Cloud deployments and no further configuration steps are required for log data to enter the archive.