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Exabeam Cloud Archive Architecture

Cloud Archive is a cloud-native, multi-tenant, log aggregation service, designed to handle very large data volumes. As described in the diagram below, Cloud Archive directly integrates with the Exabeam SaaS Cloud infrastructure to import all received logs. Cloud Archive indexes and stores logs in a cloud-native object store, then makes those logs available through its search service. Logs in Cloud Archive are parsed using security content packages offered by Exabeam. To ensure parsing consistency, Cloud Archive synchronizes the parser configuration with Data Lake every 24 hours.

Cloud Archive architecture
Figure 1. Cloud Archive architecture

Exabeam Cloud Archive Technical Specifications

Cloud Archive is an application deployed within the Exabeam Cloud Platform.



Cloud Provider

Google Cloud

Geographical Regions

North America (us-west)

Europe (europe-west3, Frankfurt)

Maximum events per Second (EPS)

200,000 EPS per tenant

Maximum retention

10 years

Maximum search query length

1 million characters

Maximum concurrent searches

5 per tenant

Log data received by Exabeam SaaS Cloud may take up to four hours to appear in Cloud Archive. Analysts should account for this possible delay when looking at recent events.