Exabeam Site Collector for SaaSExabeam Site Collector

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Exabeam Site Collector Services

For site collectors deployed before April 2020, you will need to replace it with the latest Exabeam release to get all the experience and functionality described in this publication. See Install the Exabeam Site Collector for installation instructions. See "How to Migrate to New Exabeam SaaS Site Collector" in Troubleshoot the Exabeam Site Collector for migration instructions.

If your site collectors were deployed before April 2020 and you do not want to replace it with Exabeam's latest SaaS Site Collector, the following services that should be running without error on the SC server:

  • kafka - stores the logs on SC

  • zookeeper - manages Kafka

  • logstash - Syslog on SC

  • exabeam-kafka-gcs1-log-manager - Manager of kafka-to-gcs collector for lms.kafka.topic

  • exabeam-kafka-gcs1-collector - Kafka-to-gcs collector for lms.kafka.topic

  • exabeam-kafka-gcs2-log-manager - Manager of kafka-to-gcs collector for lms.kafka.format.topic

  • exabeam-kafka-gcs2-collector - Kafka-to-gcs collector for lms.kafka.format.topic

  • exabeam-rsc-forwarder - Forwards all the management requests from management collectors that are located on SC server or another servers that connects to LMS through SC

  • openvpn@client - OpenVPN service