Incident ResponderExabeam Incident Responder Release Notes

What's New

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What's New in i59

This release does not include new features for Incident Responder.

What's New in i58

New Turnkey Playbooks for Behavior Analytics Incidents

Pre-configured playbooks for classifying and enriching Behavior Analytics incidents are ready for you to run.

When an Advanced Analytics user or asset session becomes notable, Case Manager automatically creates an incident with the Behavior Analytics incident type.

The Automated Incident Classification turnkey playbook analyzes the notable session to accurately classify the incident's type, helping you make sense of all the evidence in Advanced Analytics and quickly diagnose what threat you're investigating. It's important that incidents have the correct incident type so you standardize the evidence you collect and define tasks for investigating, containing, and remediating the incident.

The Automated Incident Enrichment turnkey playbook gathers critical information from the Advanced Analytics session and populates the Case Manager incident with additional contextual or evidence you need to investigate the incident.

Exabeam Documentation: Automated Incident Classification Turnkey PlaybookAutomated Incident Classification Turnkey Playbook

Exabeam Documentation: Automated Incident Enrichment Turnkey PlaybookAutomated Incident Enrichment Turnkey Playbook

What's New in i57

This release does not include new features for Incident Responder.