Incident ResponderConfigure Incident Responder

Add a Service

Integrate a service with Incident Responder to gather the data needed to run actions and playbooks.Exabeam ActionsPlaybooks

  1. Click the Menu The menu icon in the navigation bar; three white lines on a green background., select Settings, then navigate to Automation > Services.

  2. Select a service:

    • To provide information based on a specific service, hover over a tile and click ADD. Use the search by vendor or filter by action to find a service.

    • To manually provide the relevant information, click the A blue circle with a white plus sign. icon.

  3. Enter the information. They may vary based on service.

    • Service – Select the service you wish to integrate.

    • Service name – Give the service a unique name.

    • (Optional) Description – Describe the service.

    • (Optional) Owner – Enter the email address of a person or group in charge of the service.

  4. To validate the source, select TEST CONNECTIVITY.