Incident ResponderConfigure Incident Responder

Test Your Service

Ensure the service you configured or uploaded is working correctly. You create a new test incident, run the service in the workbench, then view the results.Configure a ServiceUpload a Custom Service

If you have a SaaS deployment, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

  1. Ensure that you configured the service you're testing and you can access the command line interface (CLI).Configure a Service

  2. Manually create a test incident. The information you enter doesn't need to be accurate.Manually Create an IncidentManually Create an Incident

  3. Manually run an action supported by the service you're testing, and ensure you enter the input values you wish to check, like IP addresses, domain, and URLs.Manually Run an Action

    If the action runs successfully, it appears in the workbench ACTIONS tab with a A green check mark. check mark, and you see its output in the workbench.

  4. (Optional) To debug the results, log into the CLI and view the results in /opt/exabeam/data/logs/soar/python-action-engine/pythonActionEngine.log