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Upload a Custom Service

If you created your own service, upload the ZIP file to Incident Responder .

You can create and upload two types of custom services: one you develop from scratch, and one that customizes an existing third-party service. If you upload a custom service that customizes an existing third-party service, all related actions and playbooks will start using this custom service.

If you create your own service from scratch, without using Exabeam Action Editor, ensure your ZIP file includes certain components. If you introduce any Python dependencies, you must include any Python modules as Python wheels and a requirements.txt file containing these wheels. Place the requirements.txt file under the python_dep directory.Exabeam Action Editor

You can't upload the same custom service more than once. To edit a custom service, delete the service, then upload it again.

  1. In the navigation bar, click the menu The menu icon in the navigation bar; three white lines on a green background., select Settings, then select Core.

  2. Under SERVICE INTEGRATIONS, select Services.

  3. Click Upload service package A blue circle with a white line and arrow in the center..

  4. Click UPLOAD PACKAGE, then upload a ZIP file, no more more than 10MB. If the custom service changes or removes existing actions, playbooks that use these actions may not run as expected.

  5. Click SUBMIT. The service is added to the list with a Custom label.