Incident ResponderConfigure Incident Responder

Configure a Service

Integrate a service with Incident Responder to gather the data needed to run actions and playbooks. This service is usually one your organization already uses.ServicesExabeam ActionsPlaybooks

  1. In the navigation bar, click the menu The menu icon in the navigation bar; three white lines on a green background., select Settings, then select Core.

  2. Under SERVICE INTEGRATIONS, select Services.

  3. Select a service:

    • To configure a specific service, hover over a tile, then click CONFIGURE. Use the search by vendor or filter by action to find a service.

    • To manually provide the relevant information for a service, click Configure a new serviceA blue circle with a white plus sign..

  4. Enter information about the service. They may vary based on service, but usually includes:

    • Service – Select the service you wish to integrate.

    • Service name – Give the service a unique name.

    • (Optional) Description – Describe the service.

    • (Optional) Owner – Enter the email address of a person or group in your organization who's responsible for the service.

  5. To validate the source, select TEST CONNECTIVITY.