OVAESX OVA Setup Guide

Table of Contents

Prepare for Exabeam Deployment Using an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA)

You can run Exabeam products on VMWare hypervisor hosts. The deployed virtual machines must meet Exabeam resource parameters for products to run correctly and efficiently.

To create a host, you need to instantiate servers for each node of your cluster using the OVA image files provided by Exabeam. Then, run the Exabeam software installation on the master node of the cluster.

To request access to the OVA image files, visit the Virtual Images section in the Exabeam Community.


Please review all specifications for your platform and ensure you have sufficient resources to deploy Exabeam images. Additionally, please ensure you have valid Exabeam licenses for the product(s) you will implement.