Use Cases

Follow a powerful, prescriptive, outcome-based approach when you use Exabeam products.

Use Cases Documentation

Get Started with TDIR Use Case Categories

Learn about the TDIR Use Case Categories framework, the hierarchy, and each use case.

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Configure Use Case Categories

Quickly get started with implementing Exabeam use cases in your environment.

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Additional Resources

February 22: Phishing, Brute Force Attacks and Cryptomining

In this Exabeam Community webinar, learn how Exabeam detects and mitigates use cases.

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April 26: Abnormal Authentication & Access

In this Exabeam Community webinar, learn about content that detects unauthorized access to your network.

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May 31: Data Access Abuse, Data Destruction and Audit Tampering

In this Exabeam Community webinar, explore how content detects data and audit tampering.

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June 28: Exabeam Physical Security and Workforce Protection Use Cases

In this Exabeam Community webinar, explore how Exabeam protects you from human threats.

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Advanced Analytics Use Case Adoption Guide

Follow an interactive guide to working with Advanced Analytics using a use case-based approach.

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Use Case Adoption Guides

Follow interactive guides to validating use cases.

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