Security Content

Explore the role of security content in Exabeam products, including use of the common information model, and access useful content reference repositories.

Security Content Documentation

What's New in Security Content

Learn about new functionality and security content updates.

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Exabeam Security Content in the Common Information Model

Explore the role of security content in the use of cloud-native Exabeam products.

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Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response for Public Cloud Guide

Learn about cloud-specific content supported for specific platforms.

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Exabeam Common Information Model

Learn about the context elements and the hierarchical interfaces of the Exabeam common information model.

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Security Content Reference Repositories

Common Information Model Library (GitHub)

Examine the hierarchical framework that defines the structure of security content across Exabeam products.

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Content Library (GitHub)

Investigate all of the security content Exabeam supports by data source, use case, or MITRE ATT&CK framework.

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On-Premises/Legacy SaaS Resources

Exabeam Security Content in the Legacy Structure

Explore the role of security content for Exabeam products that use the legacy structure.

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Install Security Content

Follow the instructions to deploy new security content packages in on-premises deployments.

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