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Access Restrictions for Saved Objects in Exabeam Data Lake

Object-Based Access Control (OBAC) manages the viewing and editing of tangible output products such as visualizations, dashboards, and reports. Objects are subject to the following:

  • Access to newly created objects are by default restricted to the user who created and saved them. New objects are created with default Private access configurations to the originating user.

  • Permissions are granted or denied to user roles.

  • Screenshot shares (such as search results page) are based on user roles.

  • Access restrictions for saved objects are configured per object.

For more information about OBAC, see Data Lake Administrator Guide > User Management > Object-Based Access ControlExabeam Data Lake Object-based Access Control.

To configure the access restriction of a saved object:

  1. Select the object and then click Share.

  2. Select the Access type Based on role.

  3. Select the type of permission for the role which will be granted or denied access, and then click SAVE.