Advanced AnalyticsExabeam Advanced Analytics Administration Guide

Generate a Support File

Generate the technical support information Exabeam Customer Success needs to understand a problem in your system. Once you have these files, open a support ticket in the Exabeam Community.

  1. Click the menu The menu icon in the navigation bar; three white lines on a green background., then select Generate Support File.

  2. Select the Exabeam products for which you want to generate technical support file. If Exabeam Customer Success requests a support file that includes the last five rotated logs from the Analytics Engine or Log Ingestion Messaging Engine (LIME), select ADDITIONAL ROTATED LOGS.

  3. Click GENERATE SUPPORT. It may take up to five minutes to generate a support file.

    The file downloads automatically. Attach the file to your case ticket on the Exabeam Community.