Outcomes Navigator

Assess how well the configuration of your environment protects against a specific use case and view suggestions on how to improve with Outcomes Navigator.

Outcomes Navigator Documentation

Release Notes

See what's new and changed in Outcomes Navigator

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Get Started with Outcomes Navigator

Understand what Outcomes Navigator is and how to use it with some key concepts.

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View Use Cases in Outcomes Navigator

Explore all use cases and create a strategy for configuring your environment.

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Assess Your Current Configuration

Understand how well your environment is configured to protect against a specific use case.

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View Recommendations for Improving Your Configuration

Follow recommended steps to fill the gaps in your configuration.

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Share Information in Outcomes Navigator

Export information to use in presentations and reports you share with your team, leadership, and other stakeholders.

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Coverage Calculations

Learn how Outcomes Navigator determines coverage levels for Exabeam features and applications and the Use Case Coverage Score.

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Parser Calibration Tier Average Calculation

Learn how Outcomes Navigator determines the Parser Calibration Tier Average for each product.

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