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Context ManagementContext Management Administration Guide

View the Details Panel for an Active Directory Context Table

In the Overview tab of the Context Management service, find a specific Active Directory context table and click the Options icon (icon-options.png) on the far right. Select Details. A panel opens on the right and displays the following information about the selected Active Directory context table:

  • Collection – Shows which Active Directory site collector, from the Site Collectors service, is the source of the user data in the selected context table. The status indicates the state of that source collector. To view the source collector itself, click the View Collector link below the source collector name. The Site Collectors service opens in a new tab and displays the source collector.

  • Processing – Shows the number of records the context table processed in its last run, as well as how long ago the context table was last updated. The status indicates the state of the context table in the Context Management service.

  • Error Messages – Displays the most recent error messages that occurred either on the Site Collector side or during processing of the Active Directory data in the context table on the Context Management side.

In addition to viewing status information, you can also perform the following actions on the context table from this panel:

  • Click Edit to open the Configuration panel where you can edit the context table parameters. For more information, see Edit the Configuration of an Active Directory Context Table.

  • Click Delete to remove the context table. You can opt to delete any custom attributes from this table that are not used in other context tables.