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Context ManagementContext Management Administration Guide

Microsoft Entra ID Context Tables


The Microsoft Entra ID option is designed to streamline the process of creating a new Microsoft Entra ID context table. When the context table is onboarded, it normalizes Microsoft Entra ID context information so that it can be leveraged by downstream Exabeam Security Operations Platform services such as Search, Correlation Rules, and Dashboards.

By default, Microsoft Entra ID context tables map a set of specific user attributes that are compliant with the Exabeam common user information model. This model defines a standardized user object for security content across Exabeam products.

The Microsoft Entra ID option is available on the Context Library tab. To create the context table, you must first have a Microsoft Entra ID cloud collector configured and running in the Exabeam Cloud Collectors service. Then you can create the context table in the Context Management service and it can begin processing the data sent from the cloud collector.

For more information, see the following sections: