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CollectorsCloud Collectors Administration Guide

Configure the Cisco Umbrella Cloud Collector

Set up the Cisco Umbrella Cloud Collector to continuously ingest security events from the data sources: DNS, IP Address, and Proxy via S3 bucket managed by your organization or Cisco.

  1. Before you configure the Cisco Umbrella Cloud Collector, ensure that you complete the prerequisites.

  2. Log in to the Exabeam Security Operations Platform with your registered credentials as an administrator.

  3. Navigate to Collectors > Cloud Collectors.

  4. Click New Collector.

  5. Click Cisco Umbrella.

  6. Enter the following information for the cloud collector:

    • NAME – Specify a name for the Cloud Collector instance.

    • ACCOUNT – Click New Account to add a new Amazon AWS account or select an existing account. You can use the same account information across multiple Cisco Umbrella cloud collectors. For more information, see Add Accounts for AWS Cloud Collectors.

    • DATA SOURCES – Select the data sources: DNS, IP, Proxy from which you want to collect events.

    • DATA PATH – Enter the data path to your Amazon bucket which you obtained while completing prerequisites.

    • AWS S3 BUCKET REGION – Select the region for AWS S3 bucket.

  7. (Optional) SITE – Select an existing site or to create a new site with a unique ID, click manage your sites. Adding a site name helps you to ensure efficient management of environments with overlapping IP addresses.

    By entering a site name, you associate the logs with a specific independent site. A sitename metadata field is automatically added to all the events that are going to be ingested via this collector. For more information about Site Management, see Define a Unique Site Name.

  8. (Optional) TIMEZONE – Select a time zone applicable to you for accurate detections and event monitoring.

    By entering a time zone, you override the default log time zone. A timezone metadata field is automatically added to all the events that are going to be ingested via this collector.

  9. To confirm that the Exabeam Security Operations Platform communicates with the service, click Test Connection

  10. Click Install.


    A confirmation message informs you that the new Cloud Collector is created.


    Cisco Umbrella uploads logs to the S3 bucket every 10 minutes. Hence there is some latency in data ingestion. For more information, see Cisco Umbrella Log Management in the Cisco Umbrella documentation.